The 21st century learning model is steadily claiming its place in the modern educational system. The one way communication between teachers and students is long gone. No more “Sit! Do this, do that!” Β scary, intimidating instructions heard in classrooms which apply this learning model. It was designed, I think, to make every learning experience meaningful and give both students and teachers comfortable interactions that will empower them.

One of the methods in the 21st century learning model is the visible thinking routines. It’s a term pointing to learning routines which help us visualize our thinking. I myself love the ones developed by Project Zero. They have helped me a lot in class with the students.

Here are some of Project Zero’s visible thinking routines:

There are more of these of course. They can easily be found through your search engine. The point is, whatever routine you choose, make sure you know the purpose of using it and how to maximize it to reach that purpose.

Enjoy teaching, good teachers!


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