Stylish Black
BLACK POLKA A flare polkadot skirt and a coal-black blouse are never wrong. Add a pair of shocking pink pumps to give you that confident look.
A long-sleeve tunic and jeans look simply gorgeous when you combine them with a pair of red ankle boots. I love the boots.They’re gorgeous. The bag is awesome too. Yesss, i’m in love with this one 😍😍😍
I got stuck when I found this lovely assymetric blouse. I had to find a match for this one. I knew jeans would be great. But I needed a splash of other color. Just to give it a fresher look. I picked tangerine. I wasn’t really sure at first, but turned quite pleased seeing the result. The Hermes bag is just beautiful, isn’t it?

Pink always gives me ideas. It ‘s a symbol of happiness, love, joy, cheerfulness, laughter, beauty. Creating a design based on those ideas is not really hard to do. A flare black maxi skirt with gorgeous flower pattern is my choice this time. A pink peplum blouse and a simple clutch go excellent with it. Complete your classy look with a peeptoe heels. Voila!

I never really fancy green, but when I bumped into this fresh-looking mint green blouse, oh yeah, I gotta work this one on. So I chose a black pant with caramel stripes, a black cashmere cardigan (make sure the day isn’t too hot if you choose cashmere), a scarf with mutual tone, and to give it a casual look, a pair of caramel studded sandals and a mint green messanger bag. Now you’re ready to go.


God, I love shoes. And it’s crucial to know what type of shoes I’m wearing and for what purpose. Mostly I waer flats and slip-on. They’re just comfortable.

We don’t wanna leave the house in the wrong shoes, right?

Shoes can, somehow, lift people’s confidence, both women and men. Brands have nothing to do with it, for some people. Others might think it’s important to wear shoes of certain brand to help them boosting their confidence. I personally put comfort above all. I use high heels, of course, but just for certain occasions. They’re killing me. LOL.