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Fans of something really hot and spicy? Then you have to try this dish.


SEBLAK. Yes, this already hot-looking dish surprisingly turned into a phenomenon. You can easily find this in the street vendors in West Java. I think it was originated in Bandung, the city rich in culinary innovations and adventures.

What’s in it, actually?

Seblak is actually considered a not-so-healthy food. It consists of crackers (or “kerupuk” in Bahasa Indonesia), lots and lots of red-hot chilly, cooking oil, some spices like garlic and galanga (“kencur”), and water. I normally cook this at home, just to make sure that the ingredients are more hygienic. My sister and I found the snack really delicious, especially during those cold, rainy days.

It’s not much, really. But trust me, once you try it, you will ask for more.

Fancy a plate? 😁




When I found out my evil cholesterol level is quite high, I tried searching for a better food alternative. I know fruits and veggies are super healthy, but I needed something different. Something good to my pallete. Then I bumped into this healthy, yummy, food clusters: GRANOLA.

I wasnt’t familiar with granola and thought it was just another expensive imported snack that I could never afford hahhaha….

I was wrong.

It is expensive, yes. But it’s still affordable. Especially when you come thinking about those evil stuffs lurking in your body, ready to attack anytime. So, yeah, I said, why not?

So what’s GRANOLA anyway?

The best, and I think the right thing to do after swallowing all those non-healthy food and drink, is consuming a healthier choice. Mine is GRANOLA. Granola is not common in Indonesia. As the number of healthy-food lover increasing, it”s gaining its popularity now. Granola consists of ingredients that are commonly known as “superfood”: rolled-oats, almond, walnut, pecan, pumpkin seeds, and dried fruits like cranberry, raisins, and apricot. You can buy this cereal cluster in supermarkets or online. I prefer homemade granola, since there are no artificial preservatises added to it. One of my favorite granola is MILSE. It’s homemade. My friend makes it. Milse’s granola is freshly roasted after you place your order. With freshly ground cinnamon added to it, the taste is AWESOME! I eat it with cold, fresh, plain milk and fruis of my choice (apple, banana, pear, or mango). It’s one of the best option to start the day. So yeah, let’s start eating healthy. Granola might be your best option.

There. That’s granola. My superfood. I really, really wanna say goodbye to those LDLs. Personally, I haven’t seen any more tempting, Β delicious and better option than this.

Let the clean eating journey begin.